JCrypt® is our simple and effective solution to easily securing all your files, from documents to spreadsheets, from music file to video files, each and every file on your PC can be easily encrypted and password protected using JCrypt®. Sending sensitive information over the web can now be more secure, and email attachments can now be much safer.Storing files on your computer that you want kept away from prying eyes is now made possible, and easily so via this tool.


With the modern era often dubbed the "information age", it makes sense not all information is shareable, and most definitely not always public domain. With the power of the computer increasing and the dependance we now place on our PC, securing personal documents and the like is a must.


Using difficult to decipher encryption algorithms, the files are encrypted and decrypted according to the password you provide. This makes it very difficult for someone without the password to ever view the file.

JCrypt® is free to download. Registration is required for encryption purposes only. Decryption is free and easily available for anyone you wish to distribute your files to.

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Email us comments/suggestions/questions at info@jcrypt.co.za

To register, drop a mail to registrations@jcrypt.co.za.